Uneven Heads that report for Indian TV channels

Indian TV channels have a large contingent of reporters. Without going into the merits of their knowledge and wisdom, it may be stated that their reporting sometimes spread more horror than the events they cover. Recent Mumbai terror attack coverage is one such event.

Every time they cover an event it is proclaimed as a risk to their precious lives, although they may be  heavily insured. History of Journalism shows that a number of journalists have laid down their lives covering an event as part of their professional duty silently and without claiming the laurels for the perceived risk to their lives. Why did these  journalists not make the professional hazards the part of the news, unlike the Channels who advertise the risk as part of the news to increase TRPs? Perhaps, some dolt journalists had imbibed the virtues of ethics of journalism, which modern Indian channels consider unsaleable commodity.

And, fed up with the Channel’s  eagerness to sell every event through their marketing skills, the Indian Government, through M/o Information & broadcasting, has issued show cause notices to some TV channels over the nature of coverage during the Mumbai terror attacks. More show cause notices are in the offing.

Have the  Indian TV Channels not  subordinated the national interests to their marketing interests?


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