DIY Free Photo Services

Those who  have lots of spare time,  can spend hours trying to enhance photos: improve colors and sharpness, remove  defects , etc. But for those who don’t have time and wish to edit their photos quickly and efficiently, there are numerous  free online photo editors – These  programmes and  services are free, easy to use and let you fix  most of the  problems of  pictures with a click or two:

1. Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery is Free from Microsoft. Even if ,you have Windows XP, you can download it free.. Microsoft’s Windows Live team has released Windows Live Photo Gallery for XP and Vista and it is a free download.

After uploading the folder in Windows live photo Gallery, double click your photo to open it. click Fix from menu. and then, in the Adjustments group,

click Auto adjust.

Picture of automatic editing features in Photo GalleryAutomatically edit photos with Photo Gallery.
still in case of problems seek help att or email
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