I have done no wrong!

‘I have done no wrong’ is the usual outcry when one is charged with allegations, more so when one holds a high public office, or office of profit or a cabinet berth.
Even recognized law breakers often utter this innocuous phrase  until confronted with video graphed violation.
The most  tainted ministers,corrupt politicians, their cousins or  relatives  involved in the scams don’t hesitate to use this sentence
Why talk of important public  figures?
As per a televised speech,Sharad Yadav, JD(U) President,  said that  if Dawood Ibrahim is asked about his deeds ,the very first words that he will utter  are: I  have done no wrong.
He may even invoke Allah in the process!
Nevertheless the chances of Dawood  being handed over to Indian authorities depend more on god than on authorities.

Even  BCCI President Srinivasn could not restrain himself from using this sentence in a Press conference recently.

Some of the  googled search results about this sentence are given  below. although the top search belongs to Srinivasan.

1.Beleaguered Mumbai Congress leader Kripashankar Singh, facing charges of amassing illegal wealth,  said he had done nothing wrong and will fight “as per law.”Accusing the media of unfairly targeting him and his family, the former Mumbai Congress President also said he was not absconding as being reported.

I am not guilty. I am not absconding. I have done nothing wrong, Singh said.

2. After being arrested in Nepal on Thursday, Dr Amit Kumar, the kingpin behind the kidney racket has denied hand in any criminal activity.”I have done nothing wrong,‘ said Amit Kumar, as he faced the media while being paraded by the Nepal police on Friday for the first time since his multi-crore kidney racket came to light a fortnight ago.

3. Former law minister Ashwani Kumar said that he had done no wrong but had resigned from the cabinet because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wanted him to.

I have done no wrong: Ashwani Kumar

4. Now, Bansal says he’s done nothing wrong, defends decision to resign

5. I am innocent and have done no wrong. I have never indulged in any spot fixing,” suspended pacer S Sreesanth, who is an accused in the IPL spot-fixing case, on Tuesday said

I have done no wrong! Srinivasan

Foreigners are no exception to this utterance.
Federal MP Craig Thomson has been arrested and charged with 149 fraud offences. He says he will be ‘vigorously defending these charges’.

I’ve done no wrong, says Tony Martin

Let us for a moment agree to these law abiding citizens of the Globe.

Then who has done wrong?

who is guilty?

It is media hounding for some,  vested interests for some , and some victims of over Zealot authorities.

To find the truth I took to Bible.

This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’

There is  a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.

“I have done no wrong. Truth will prevail” say  it with force and conviction of god sent messenger,and blame others for the filth inside.

Let  all the allegations against us  be met with brazen and unabashed will to  remain  in Power.  And sing god’s  glory till our last breath.!


To compliment or not to!

Images by T.Dashfield

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Talk about the last compliment you received. (I write but not always on schedule)

Oh how I have difficulty receiving compliments!  I don’t know what it is about them and me that I feel embarrassed or “unworthy” about getting them.  It has been a not too often moment when I have gotten a compliment and I immediately replied with a great big smile and a thank you.  Usually I beg to differ or I dampen the compliment with an “Oh really?” reply.  I even had a friend tell me a few times “You don’t know how to accept a compliment do you?”  Darned if she isn’t correct!  Maybe it’s my self confidence or I don’t wish to seem like a braggart – I don’t know.  But whatever it is – it would be so nice to be able to get a compliment and just say “Gee!…

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DIY Free Photo Services

Those who  have lots of spare time,  can spend hours trying to enhance photos: improve colors and sharpness, remove  defects , etc. But for those who don’t have time and wish to edit their photos quickly and efficiently, there are numerous  free online photo editors – These  programmes and  services are free, easy to use and let you fix  most of the  problems of  pictures with a click or two:

1. Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery is Free from Microsoft. Even if ,you have Windows XP, you can download it free.. Microsoft’s Windows Live team has released Windows Live Photo Gallery for XP and Vista and it is a free download.

After uploading the folder in Windows live photo Gallery, double click your photo to open it. click Fix from menu. and then, in the Adjustments group,

click Auto adjust.

Picture of automatic editing features in Photo GalleryAutomatically edit photos with Photo Gallery.
still in case of problems seek help att http://www.facebook.com/vkwd7 or email  vkwd7@facebook.com
wait for the next free photo service

Uneven Heads that report for Indian TV channels

Indian TV channels have a large contingent of reporters. Without going into the merits of their knowledge and wisdom, it may be stated that their reporting sometimes spread more horror than the events they cover. Recent Mumbai terror attack coverage is one such event.

Every time they cover an event it is proclaimed as a risk to their precious lives, although they may be  heavily insured. History of Journalism shows that a number of journalists have laid down their lives covering an event as part of their professional duty silently and without claiming the laurels for the perceived risk to their lives. Why did these  journalists not make the professional hazards the part of the news, unlike the Channels who advertise the risk as part of the news to increase TRPs? Perhaps, some dolt journalists had imbibed the virtues of ethics of journalism, which modern Indian channels consider unsaleable commodity.

And, fed up with the Channel’s  eagerness to sell every event through their marketing skills, the Indian Government, through M/o Information & broadcasting, has issued show cause notices to some TV channels over the nature of coverage during the Mumbai terror attacks. More show cause notices are in the offing.

Have the  Indian TV Channels not  subordinated the national interests to their marketing interests?